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Dignified Kate Middleton ‘not the type to get het up’ in Oprah aftermath despite furor

KATE MIDDLETON is not that upset about Meghan Markle’s dress allegations as she is focused on healing rifts, a royal source has said.

During the controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey in March, Meghan Markle addressed rumors suggesting she had made the Duchess of Cambridge cry prior to her 2018 wedding. However, according to Meghan’s version of events, it was Kate that made her cry.

A source told The Telegraph Kate is focused on healing royal rifts and doesn’t care about issues surrounding the matter.

They said: “The Duchess hasn’t said much about Oprah at all.

“I think the bridesmaids’ dress comments were the least of anyone’s worries.

“And she’s not really the type to get het up about these sorts of things.

“She’s just trying to help to bring the family back together and alleviate her husband’s stress and sadness.”

The feud between the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex allegedly began over whether bridesmaids for Harry and Meghan’s wedding should follow royal protocol by wearing tights.

Royal sources said the “stressful” situation left Kate in tears.

During the Oprah interview, Meghan Markle said the confrontation had “really hurt my feelings” and marked a “turning point” in their relationship.

She added Kate had since apologised and that she had forgiven her, but refused to spill any further details of the event.

The recent insider comments follow Prince Harry’s arrival in the UK on Friday night ahead of the unveiling of a statue honoring his mother, Princess Diana. Read more: daily express

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