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Kate being ‘careful to respect’ Royal Family’s traditions is what has ‘served her well’

KATE, the Duchess of Cambridge’s clever tactics of respectfully mixing old traditions with new ideas has played to her advantage, royal experts have suggested.

Speaking as part of Channel 5’s Our Queen in Waiting, a group of Royal Family experts has explained how Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge’s has cleverly injected new ideas into the royal machine to bring The Firm into the 21st Century. The experts argued that as a result of being “respectful” of her surroundings and traditions of the Royal Family while pushing for new ideas, Kate’s behavior has “served her well”. As a comparison, they pointed to Meghan Markle having a polar opposite approach to Kate, such an approach the experts describe as a “sprint” instead of a “marathon” which is what Kate has done.

Royal expert Emily Andrews explained: “If Katherine does do things differently to how things have been done before, she does them in very small, incremental ways.

“There is no criticism of what has been done before, or what has gone before.

“She will do it in a very ‘don’t frighten the horses’ kind of way.

“I think [that] is one of the things that have served her so well in adapting to life in the royal family.” 

She added: “Because it is incredibly difficult.”

The narrator explained how Kate has managed the relationship between herself, the royal family, the media, and the public in the eye of the traditions of the Royal Family.

They explain how this has given Kate more control over her family life and turned out for the better.

Emily Andrews highlights: “Photographers and journalists were given a huge amount of access to William and Harry and we know both men have spoken about how they found that press intrusion very difficult.”

While royal editor for Vanity Fair, Katie Nicholl, explained: “William and Kate had to figure out a way of finding a happy medium.”

But as Ms Andrews explains, the “masterstroke” that William and Kate deployed was to “utliise Kate’s passion for photography”.

This move saw Kate taking the power away from the prying eyes of the media and public and placing it in the hands of her as a mother – an unusual power move for a Royal.

Ms Andrews said: “She decided that she would take her own pictures of the children and then these would be released to the newspapers and the wider public.”

Ms Andrews said how such a move is “PR gold but still retains that slightly homespun narrative.”

And unlike usual royal protocol which would involve “some formal portrait of the Queen or Charles”, according to Andrews, this instead offered a “new, relatable form of royalty”.

The experts go on to explain how Kate has taken a long time to “carve out” an identity and series of responsibilities with her own charities in the royal family by “not rushing into things”.

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