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Kate Middleton keeps style ‘appropriate’ but ‘classy’ – a ‘style icon’

KATE MIDDLETON has an enviable wardrobe with a huge range of clothing pieces from ballgowns to comfy jeans. According to one expert, the Duchess dresses “regal” but in a “current way”.

As well as dressing down in jeans for certain occasions, the royal will also often send messages through her clothing pieces.

Whether that be adding a tartan scarf while on a trip to Scotland or wearing a red ring as a nod to the Polish flag while on a trip to Poland, the Duchess constantly stuns fans with her choices.


Kate’s style has also evolved over the years as a royal, and she now opts for many more timeless pieces such as long coats and plain heels.

Speaking to, one expert shared how the Duchess has a “classic” style. Read more: daily express